Alfalux porcelain earthtone Stone Noce 12x24 tiles 112 sq ft - $280 obo

Bloomfield Township, MI, USA


Amazing and beautiful original Alfalux earth-tone porcelain tile. We have 8 boxes left after our kitchen/foyer remodel, each box containing seven tiles. Each tile is 2 feet by 1 foot (24 inches by 12 inches). These 56 porcelain tiles thus cover 112 square feet of flooring. I have heard of it being used on a wall, as a backsplash, and so on, but I must say that it is VERY heavy, so personally I would only want to have it on a floor. We also have some grouting left over which is being included in this offer for no additional charge. These tiles have a wonderful traditional look, and will be a great addition for any home with wood furniture/cabinets/doors or other types of traditional/classic earth-tones.

Two of the attached pictures are of the boxes, and the third picture is of it installed in our foyer. We LOVE this tile, but just have no need to keep these eight boxes laying around in our garage taking up valuable storage space. PICKUP ONLY. I am not physically able to move the boxes more than just a few feet, so I would not be able to get them out for shipping. Some of the boxes are stained, and two or three of the tiles have some stains on the BOTTOM of them, but the visible portion of each tile is in its original condition and none are chipped/cracked.

These are discontinued tiles, as it has been four years since our remodel. As best I can recall, these retailed for a little over $45 per box (plus taxes, of course) when bought new. I am offering them for $35 per box ($280 total), which is a nearly a quarter off retail price.

Please email [email protected] if interested. All serious offers will be considered.
$280.00 or best offer