Quartered White Oak Rustic Grade Wide Plank Flooring - $0

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Our bamboo is grown and imported from Colombia. It is of a very high quality thick walled symmetrical round bamboo with a minimal taper from one end to the other.
We import a large 4 inch to 7 inch diameter with a thick wall that gives the customer a very strong material that can be used for all types of projects such as structural posts, roof rafters and beams. If you are building structures like tiki bars, pergolas, pavilions, furniture or decorative feature.

Joining Material – Many types of joinery can be used with bamboo. Screws, nails, or lag screws depending on your application.

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Boards & Beams can also fabricate certain custom metal brackets,

Our Product List Includes but is not limited to:

Timber Framing, Cedar Timbers/Lumber, Lattice Fencing, Joist Hangers, Standard & Custom Trim Packages, Timber Arbors, Trellises, Pergolas, Gazebos, Reclaimed Lumber, Reclaimed Barn Siding Options, Wood Ceiling Beams, Fireplace Mantles, Solid Wide Plank Flooring, New Wood Siding Options, Hardware (Nails, Screws, Fasteners, Glues), Solid Wood Flooring, Domestic & Exotic Hardwoods, Dimensional Lumber, Mouldings (New or Existing Profiles), Primed & Beveled Pines, Channel Siding, Board & Batten, Adirondack Siding, Plywood (Hardwood & Building), Wood Slabs, Timber Trusses, Exterior Trim Boards (Fascia, Miratec)
PVC (Boards, Trim, & Sheets), Wood Fillers, Mohawk Stains & Finishes, Industrial Lumber, OSHA Planking, Crane Mats, Lagging & Shoring, Trailer Decking, White Oak and Apitong, Windows & Doors, Railings (Metal, Aluminum, PVC, Composite, Wood), Wood Decking (Composite, Pressure Treated, PVC), Fingerjoint Primed Pines, Flexible Trim, Pergola Kits, Butcher Block Countertops, Floating Shelves.


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