1/4" X 6"100ctBRONZE COATED CONSTRUCTION LAG [CCTX14600100] - $40

Seattle, WA, USA


Bronze Star Corrosion-Resistant Star Drive Construction Lag Screws with built on Round Washer Head, 1/4" x 6-Inch 100 ct box. Use T-25 bit and includes one “Free Bit-Inch. Great for boardwalks, bridges, ledger boards, timber construction, insulation panels and post to post applications. Triple dipped coating has shown over 1200 hours of corrosion resistance in both salt spray testing and treated lumber. Features include: “Bronze Star Exterior Coating Compatible with pressure treated lumber and can be used with tannic wood such as Cedar and Redwood,” “Star Drive offers twice the torque over Phillips or square drive screws,” “Built On Round Washer Head,” “Type 17 Notched Extra Sharp Point reduces the need for pre-drilling,” “Tiny Cuts on the Threads Reduces the Torque needed to drive the fastener and provides maximum holding power”.