Seattle, WA, USA


The Pro-Twist #8 x 1-5/8 in. fiber cement board screw is ideal for fastening fiber cement boards to wood but is also recommended for use with installing lap siding, fiber cement roofing trim and flooring for tile in kitchen and bathrooms. Pro-Twist fasteners are triple tested for quality and made from 1022 carbon steel so you always get faster, easier penetration and less installer fatigue. In fact, we're so proud of our Pro-Twist fasteners we've emblazoned each one with a unique Pro-Twist stamp making it readily identifiable even after installation and makes it obvious that you use the very best fasteners. Features include: “For attaching fiber cement to wood framing,” “No. 2 reduced Philips drive,” “Extra sharp notched type 17 point starts quickly and reduces need for pre-drilling,” “Nibs under the head allow screw to countersink for a flush finish,” “Corrosion and rust resistant all weather coating,” and “bit included”.