#9 X 1-1/2"1lbBRONZE STAR SCREWS [BTX091121] - $7

Seattle, WA, USA


Bronze Star #9 Trim Head Star Drive Wood Screws are designed for professional uses with hard or soft woods, chipboard or other tough materials. Trim Head Wood Screws are typically used for decking, fencing, trim, fascia, finish work and more. The bronze finish gives this fastener extra corrosion resistance. Compatible with pressure treated lumber. Screws are ACQ compatible and can be used in tannic woods such as Cedar and Redwood. Note: A Screw Products review suggests Silver Star for coastal applications. Features include: “#9 trim head star drive wood screws - 1 lb jar,” “Exterior uses including decking, fencing, trim, fascia, finish work and more,” “ACQ compatible coating,” “Hardened steel,” “Deep, wide sharp threads,” and “Extra sharp type 17 auger point with a large knurled shank”.