SPEARS 6" PVC DWV Long Turn 90° Elbow - $35 obo

Miami, FL, USA



PVC Street 90 Elbow (1/4 Bend Street)
6" size assembled from 2-Molded 1/8 Bends
Size: 6"
Elbow that turns 90 degrees in a shallow radius to prevent clogging
Hub ends for connecting to male unthreaded pipes or fittings
PVC for corrosion resistance, high strength, and less weight than fittings made from metal
Operating temperature range of 73 to 140 degrees F (23 to 60 degrees C)
Complies with ASTM D2665 and ASTM D3311 and certified to NSF/ANSI International Standard 14 (NSF-dwv) and NSF International Uniform Plumbing Code (NSF-U.P. Code)
$35.00 or best offer