Stainless Steel Carven Check 4x81carton=40 Pieces) - $40 obo

Newport News, VA, United States


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Everstone has been manufactured and supplied top quality coloured stainless mosaic in worldwide market since 2006. There are 4 main colours in this product range including: GOLD, BRASS, NICKEL and COPPER. All these are truly premium grade stainless steel finished with the latest high technical treatment of metal surface called PVD coating work.
1、What’s PVD coating PVD coating means Physical Vapor Deposition of Titanium or Zirconium, can also be called Titanium/Zirconium-plating. It provides a colored film over the stainless steel substrate in a vacuum chamber. The colored film could last long time without fading under normal interior or exterior environment.
2、How it works Metal or alloy is vaporized from a solid(Cathode)by means of electric arc to form a plasma vapor, the resulting highly charged metal lons from the plasma are then mixed with inerted gas such as argon gas. The positively charged plasma is attracted to the negatively charged stainless steel sheets, producing a colored metallic film on the sheets. Color does net fade or oxidize as do the red metals such as copper and brass. By altering the temperature, mix of gasses and elements that form the plasma, Top Honest has developed a broad range of coatings colors.
3、Life Time Finish---PVD Coating Unlike traditional electroplating and other existing coatings, due to several characteristics of PVD coating: high hardness and wear resistance, no discoloration or tarnishing, high corrosion resistance and no attack by UV radiation, Top Honest PVD coating stainless steel is a unique material for decorating application: (A). Will not tarnish, oxidize, or discolor in harsh sun, salt, humidity and city environments. (B). Impervious to extended exposure to UV light with no flaking, cracking or discoloration. (C). Available in a wide range of colors, surface patterns and finishes.

 Appearance: pure metallic film with the luxurious appearance of stainless steels, uniform color, shiner, glossier, more attractive than existing coatings.  Corrosion & oxidation-resistant: will not fade, tarnish, crack or peel under usual conditions.  Versatile: Use indoors or outdoors, as a primary surface, or surface accent. Good formability: can be punched, formed and sheared without chipping, cracking or flaking. (Can be bent over 90 vertical degrees)  Abrasion resistant: hardness over 80 RC, resistant to wear from normal usage. Durable: finish will maintain its appearance for over 20 years, harder, will extend the life of your products.  Economical: reduce time/expense of costly cleaning or polishing required by brass or gold plating; typical maintenance requires only window cleaner and a soft cloth!  Vandal-resistant: damage from marker pens and paints are easily removed. Environmentally suited: avoids the use of toxic chemicals, VOC emissions.
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