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1 good box comes with 1 broken box for spare pieces

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STONE CARE – Commercial and Residential Care


SEALING THE STONE Natural Stone surface is very porous and acts like sponges in the presence of fluids. Penetrating sealers protect the interior of the stone by bonding to the inside of the stone and acting as a repellent. The objective of a penetrating sealer is to prevent liquid from absorbing through the stone surface. However if spills set for a long period of time the stone may still absorb the liquid or get surface etched, even with a sealer.

This will vary from stone to stone according to its porosity and surface finishes. Most of today’s penetrating sealer’s have the following advantages. - They increase the coefficient of friction thus creating a more slip resistant surface. - Allow the stone to breath - Do not yellow - Prevents the growth of organic staining

As there are many makes of sealer available in the market, no matter which product will be used, we still recommend to remove any spillage within the first few minutes of occurring.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE 1. Floor surface must be dust mopped to remove all grit and debris 2. Surface must be rinsed with a suitable stone detergent 3. Leave to dry for at least 12 hours 4. Apply sealer as per manufacturer instructions (mop in a figure eight motion) 5. Buff off any excess after 5 minutes 6. Apply yearly in high traffic areas 7. Always follow sealer manufacturer instructions

RECOMMENDATIONS - All stains and moisture must be removed prior to application - Dry surface excess to be removed with a mineral spirit - Surface to be completely dry prior to application - Do not use cotton cutend mops - Do not soak surface, apply thin coats - Colour of the tile may darken a shade - Allow drying for 24 hours - Always test product used in small test patch
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