10"x10"x50" New White Newel, Fits 5" rail - $174.99 obo

530 NJ-38, Maple Shade Township, NJ 08052, USA


This is a great new product recently donated to Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County. It is a beautiful white that can stay at that color or be painted over to fit your renovation's desires. It has a 10"x10" base top and a 11"x11" base bottom. There is small ware in some small places but nothing that can't be fixed. As I was putting this on the restore floor one customer even asked If I thought they would be able to turn this piece into a table to hold flowers. It certainly isn't designed to do so, but with such fine detail and its great price off retail, the limit for this piece is your imagination-- Even If your imagination just likes a beautiful end to a stairwell.

Also, many other items to accompany building a stairway are sold in bulk here for great discounts. Contact us with an inquiries for bulk sale or for an offer on this Newel!
$174.99 or best offer