Handcrafted, custom-made mahogany front entry door - $1,000

Woodside, CA, USA


This is a handcrafted, custom-made mahogany front entry door, unsurpassed for its quality, beauty and strength.

It is brand new, unused, and in exquisite condition.

Every step of production was carefully controlled, from the air and kiln drying of the lumber to the design and final assembly of the beautifully crafted sidelite window and door.

This door is made from the finest certified Honduras Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla), which has natural moisture and insect-resistant properties and is respected throughout the world as one of the most stable woods.

In addition, the sideline window is constructed with Low-E glass that reflects, absorbs, and emits radiant energy. It is also dual paned (insulated) and tempered.

The door comes with jambs, threshold, hinges and is stained and finished in a dark, rich, reddish brown mahogany color.

This was going to be apart of a modern home rebuild which was delayed.

We paid $3,532.80 for this door, and are selling it for $1,000. This is a steal.

Total size: 53 1/4" wide, by 83 1/4" tall, by 5 1/2" deep
Door: 36"x80"
Fixed sideline: 14"
Left Hand Swing In Door
4' 9/16" Jams; size #22228 - SM-