Rustic trail Corrugated Metal Roofing - $3.79

Spencer, IN, United States


Going for the "weathered" or "aged" look on your building? Then Plywood King's Rustic Trail product is the perfect solution to your product. Rustic Trail provides the look of a rusted steel panel and is designed to naturally oxidize when expose to the elements at an accelerated rate on its surface while maintaining the integrity needed to stand up to Plywood King's steel standards.
-Roll Formed from a thick 22 gauge steel, Rustic Trail provides 32" coverage on walls and 29.33 coverage on roofs.
-Panels are uncoated and unpainted to allow for accelerated oxidation to provide a natural iron oxide finish on the surface of the panel.
-A full line of accessories are also available including sealants and fasteners.
Plywood King offers this product starting at $3.79/foot. Financing available.

Before paying, be sure to message or call us (812) 876-4341 first! Give us the details and trims, then we will respond with a quote for the package, and payment can be arranged. $150 flat-rate shipping within the continental United States.