Posies and Boxing Gloves - $30 obo

Brownwood, Brown County, TX, United States


I am a painter of pets and people, impressionist, by mostly necessity, and get very good prices for commissions from many people who like my style, but my abstracts are my favorites, as they express a place that I can't reach consciously. I believe that everyone should be able to have art that they really like in their homes, original art. I love color, and I am living in my own little trailer being reconstructed and reclaimed from vandals. I will barter, if that is allowed. I love many varied things. Especially knick knacks and vintage and little antiques even unique old bottles. If, and I hope not to flatter myself, this is something you really want and can't afford contact me and we can see what we can trade. My range of interests are huge. (also crafting and arts supplies of almost every kind, fabric, you name it, and I can use it for barter. I also sculpt) Shipping may run $15.00 unless we barter and cross ship. Tired of etsy and ebay.
$30.00 or best offer