East Boston Ocean Front Cobblestones - $1


Oversized Regulation Cobblestones. It is very evident that these stones were removed from their original location as road pavers and found their way to an oceanfront property in East Boston. These antique, hand- split gems are being carefully removed from the ocean's edge. Many are visible only at low tide. Based on the amount of wear as well as the amount of green patina, we estimate that these Cobblestones were quarried around the turn of the 20th century.
Average Weight - 18 - 20 lbs.
4" - 5" Wide x 4" - 5" Deep x 8" - 11" Long
Tops are lightly worn
Crisp edges and corners
All sides are 100% mortar free
Approximately 75% of stones are coastal grain - Rockports. The other 25% is a finer - inland -
Salt and Pepper specked grain.
All Ocean Front Cobblestones are palletized.
$1.00 each