High QualityNEWSummitville Red Chemical Resistant Floor Brick1 each - $1


About 1000 Summitville Red Floor Bricks measuring 3 7/8 x 8 x 1 3/16 each

Scored Bottom & Sides - Color 10

Summitville's Industrial Floor Brick System offers a dependable, proven solution for high traffic areas exposed to chemicals, acids, oils, heavy equipment and other damaging agents.

Summitville Tiles is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Floor Brick in the United States. You'll find our Floor Brick in the finest breweries, food and chemical plants, dairies, bakeries and packing plants. . .wherever heavy equipment is used and protection from corrosive materials is required.

Extruded from high-quality shale, Summitville Floor Brick provides a uniformly dense flooring unit that will withstand the heavy abuse of industrial applications.

Scored bottoms and sides are standard for smooth, diamond tread and abrasive surface brick . . . ideal for use where acid resistance is required.

Half Off Manufacturer's Wholesale Price - only $1 each!!

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$1.00 each