This product is a brand new (out of crate) genuine Rheemglas Fury Electric Water Heater. Some units have minor blemishes. 12 available.

Retail price: $1050.

The PROE1202RH85 long lasting Fury electric water heater has a 120 gallon capacity, 85% efficiency and features over temperature protection which turns off power in case of excess temperature, a high efficiency resistored heating element and an automatic thermostat. Also included are a brass drain valve and temperature and pressure relief valve. For ease of maintenance, the Fury uses standard replacement parts.

Professional installation is available for an additional charge in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Delivery in the tri-county area is available for an additional charge, based on destination.

Item is also available to pick up at our warehouse.

12 in stock, quantity discounts available.

Technical Specs:

Tank Capacity: 120 Gallons
Shipping Weight: ~324 lbs
Tank Height: 62-1/2"
Tank Diameter: 28-1/4"
Recovery: 21 GPH at a 90°F rise
Electrical: 240 Volt, Single Phase
$1.00 each or best offer