KOZY HEAT Slayton 42Direct Venting Natural Gas Contemporary Fireplace Unit - $3,750 obo


This posting is for a Brand New Kozy Heat Slayton 42 Contemporary Fireplace that is still in its original shipping packaging. This particular unit was Manufactured in 2014; it therefore was not required to be constructed with a view obstructing safety screen (the Slayton 42S units manufactured after 2014 require the use of a safety screen device mounted in front of the ceramic glass viewing area). This unit has a 42,000/21,000 High/Low Input BTU rating with a Maximum Efficiency rating of 75%. The ability to adjust the flame level within this unit allows the user to tailor the fires appearance and heat output level. The bottom of this unit has a light kit to illuminate the required glass media kit; even when the unit is not lit, this lighting allows for the beauty of the unit to still be enjoyed. As this unit does not require a face trim plate, you can create a very clean modern look by tiling right up to the tile trim stop around the glass; you can also add a variety of different trims or media elements such as driftwood logs and/or rock accent media kits to customize the unit to your particular tastes. Due to a change in design layout, there is no longer any space on the wall that I planned on installing this unit on. I am selling this unit at an extremely reasonable price, as there is a very good chance that this is the last brand new Slayton 42 available ANYWHERE. Fall is just around the corner, so don't be left out in the cold!!! This fireplace with its large viewing area would be an absolutely gorgeous addition to any home. Please call me at 508-868-5995 with any questions you may have in regard to this particular item.
$3,750.00 or best offer