Innovative Flex Brick and Stone by Delap - $3


Flexible stone is an innovative eco-friendly material and alternative to heavy stone and paint. It is made of natural marble chips and an acrylic aqueous dispersion.

This is a great product for certain type of circumstances that would work well where traditional methods would be too heavy, and our installation techniques are the way the industry is headed.

-Very fast installation (53 sq.f/ hour!)
-No expenses on the grouting ( a thin set serves as a grout)
-Slashing spending on shipping (2152 sq.ft/ 2000 lb.)
-Seismological and elastic capabilities
-Protective paper on the front side
-Water-resistant, Frost- resistant; UV resistant; fire-resistant rate A;
-No equipment required (cut the stone with a pair of scissors)
-Low maintained material
-Rough surfaces discourage graffiti
-Great for noisy environments (naturally absorbs sound)
-Cost-effective products
- 30 warranty of service life

Recommended Building:
- High-end single family homes
- Commercial and institutional buildings
- High-traffic areas of multifamily residential structures
- Buildings requiring a high fire rating