COMPOSITE DECK BOARDSA must see Decking1.89 - $1.89


Distributor looking to reduce heavy inventory of 6" Composite Decking
First Quality, A-Grade, A- Fire Rated, Termite Resistant. Deck Boards By Ameradeck Decking.
"This is Not a Cheap Vinyl Wrapped Deck Board"

6" X 5/4" Composite Deck Board Textured Two Sides, Solid Edge by Ameradeck Decking. Color: Redwood Textured. Available in 12',16' and 20' Length. Price $1.89 per lineal feet.

Regular wholesale pricing is $3.90 L/f. Looking to reduce heavy inventory.
Offering first come first served for $1.89 Per lineal.
Available while current inventory last!!

Delivery is available.

Please call: John (508)897-0125

55 Knapp Center #6
Brockton, MA