Triple Patio Sliding Door w/ Transom Window1500 - $600


I worked a job where we ordered a patio door set with a transom window. We decided not to use the transom window, so we ordered and used a different set.

I have been left with the original patio door set and transom window, which is a really nice look. The set comes with the install kit and sliding threshold setup. A contractor or carpenter will be able to install into a rough opening with everything that comes in this kit.

The make and model are BF Rich - BayView series.

The dimensions of each door are 35 1/2'' x 76''. The transom window is 106''x14''. The trim is made of a lightly almond colored vinyl. The glass looks to be double paned and very thick.

I have included a picture of the patio door as it is installed on our site, for your reference. The transom window would sit above with the set that I have.

Please let me know if you would like any more info or pictures.