Spiral stairsmodel 1885 - $2,700


A beautiful spiral staircase. This cast-iron and wood design from France dates back to the late 19th century. The unique combination of materials and the sober yet elegant design make it a gem for any interior.

- the height of the staircase can be adjusted to any height by stacking the required amount of steps. The rise per step is 7.87 in.
- The relatively small diameter of 3.94 in. make it suitable for smaller spaces.
- The stairs are available in both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, offering the flexibility to choose the right fit in your home.
- Both the wood and castings are delivered untreated. As a client you can choose the finish you want to match the surroundings.
- Ballusters and top-landings are available as an option. These match the style of the staircase to tie it in with the room.

The listed price is for a staircase of 13 steps. No rights can be claimed from this listing.

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