Spiral staircasemodel 1900 - $0


A beautiful staircase designed around 1900. A wonderful example of an art nouveau era design that is sober while maintaining an elegant presence with its cast iron detailing.

- The diameter of the staircase is 65.4 in.
- turning direction is clockwise while ascending.
- Any height can be achieved by stacking the needed amound of steps to reach the desired height. The rise of each step is 7.3 in.
- Suitable for both inside and outside placement.
- Unique for this staircase is its high turning rate which makes it very comfortable in use and gives it a grand allure. 12 steps make a complete turn.
- The product is delivered in an untreated cast iron. It is up to the client to choose their finish. it is possible to leave the product as it is or use any metal-finish available. We have a semi transparent wax or black paint available.
- Several options are available. We can deliver top landings and balustrades to match the style of the stairs.

Contact us for an offer. We are happy to help with any questions or advise on tailoring the product to your specific situation.
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