Space saving spiral staircase1895 - $2,950


Beautiful space saving staircase designed around 1895. This replica of a french industrial staircase is perfect for those spaces that require a space compact solution and where appearance matters. This staircase is perfect for small apartments or as a centerpiece in any shop or business. With its elegant castings it will be a guaranteed conversation starter!


- Small diameter: 42.5 in.
- Height: adjustable height by stacking the needed amount of steps. The rise of each step is 7.7 in.
weight: the weight of the staircase is 44.1 lb. per step, all elements included (balusters, lowel, handrail etc.)
- This staircase turns counterclockwise.
The product is delivered in rough cast-iron. It is up to the customer to keep it as it is, or finish it with any desired metal finish. Black paint or a semi-transparent black wax are available as an option.
- Top landings are available for most situations as an option.

The mentioned price is for a staircase of 15 steps. No rights can be claimed from this listing.

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