Industrial cast iron staircasemodel 1880 - $0


A superb cast iron industrial spiral staircase from France. The object immediately shows its origin: the Victorian, industrial Era, dating from around 1880.

Its form, the simplicity and the impressiveness of the cast iron makes that the staircase fits without any problem in your loft, house or study and adds value to your property.

o Piece of art from the industrial, Victorian era
o Gains space compared to straight stairs
o Height is adjustable sor fitting ant situation by varying the amount of steps
o Available in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.
o Identical balusters and handrail available to create matching balustrade
o Fits into almost every interior
o Adds value to the property
o Easy assembly (instructions are included)
o Suitable for inside or outside use.

• The height of the staircase can be determined stacking the right amount of steps needed to reach upper floor, knowing that the height of one step is 7.874 in/ 0.656 ft /20 cm.
• The diameter of the staircase is 51.2 in/ 4.27 ft/ 130 cm. The staircase turns around an spindle. 16 steps make a complete 360º turn.
• The staircase is delivered in bare metal. It's up to the client to choose whether to keep the rough metal look or to finish the staircase as desired with any metal treatment.
• A landing is available in three shapes, depending on the situation.

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