Authentic French industrial cast iron stairsmodel 1890 - $0


This is a replica of an authentic 19th century staircase. Imported from the Netherlands
Around 1890 the famous French art foundry Val d'Osne launched the production of this unique staircase. The factory, known for the production of street furniture and decorative cast iron, became the most important art foundry of cast iron in France after its foundation in 1836. This staircase is one of their silent witnesses.
• The height of the staircase can be tailored to any situation by stacking the needed amount of steps, knowing that one step is 7.1 in/ 18cm in height.
• The diameter of the staircase is 61.4 in (156cm) . The staircase is available in a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation, 20 steps make a complete turn.
• A landing is available to connect the staircase with the upper floor. The landing is available in three shapes: square (in case of a square or rectangular stairwell), a semi-circle (in case of a round stairwell) or triangular (in case of a mezzanine).
• The staircase weighs 57lb (26kg)per step, all elements (like baluster, spindle, etc.) included.
• The staircase is delivered without any treatment. It's up to the client to choose his finishing: conserve the rough cast iron aspect or paint it with a metal paint. Black paint or a semitransparent wax can ordered with.
• Supplementary balusters are available, matching the style of the staircase for a proper finish.

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