Oxo Softworks Thermometer and Timer SetNIP - $20

Medford, NY 11763, United States


OXO Softworks Thermometer and Timer Set
From three-course meals to quick cooking tasks, the Digital Instant Read Thermometer and Magnetic Digital Timer make the perfect team of kitchen helpers.

Digital Instant Read Thermometer
* Thin probe and easy-to-read display make it simple to cook meat to the perfect temperature
* Large, easy-to-read numbers
* Probe has thin tip for quick temperature readings
* Rotating storage sleeve highlights USDA recommended internal temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius
* Button for Fahrenheit-Celsius conversions
* Temperature range from - 40 Degrees F to 302 Degrees F (- 40 Degrees C to 150 Degrees C)

Magnetic Digital Timer
* Compact, magnetic timer with clock and 12-hour timer functions and straightforward easy-to-use buttons
* Includes clock and 19 hour 59 minute timer
* Straightforward buttons make switching between modes simple
* Large, easy-to-read display
* Includes magnet for storage on refrigerators or stove hoods
* Memory function for frequently programmed times

* Digital Instant Read Thermometer
* Magnetic Digital Timer
* LR 44 battery in Thermometer
* CR 2034 battery in Timer