Hydronex Zmix Pump Zone 6 Radiant Heater - $1


I own 3 of the Hydronex Zmix pump zone 6
I own a project management business for multimillion dollar projects. Have had these 3 radiant heaters and kept them in new condition. Never used. Top of the line.

1000 ea. is fair.


The ZMixPumpZone panel has the ability to mix direct boiler water down to a field-adjustable 100-160 deg F, and then pump it to a single zone made up of between 2 and 7 circuits.
The whole package is neatly housed in a powder-coated steel enclosure with latching door. The enclosure can be mounted on a wall or recessed between studs.

Each ZMixPumpZone panel includes:
1" field-adjustable, thermostatic mix valve
Watts Radiant zone pump
Automatic air vent valve
1" Stainless Steel manifold
Supply and return manifold trunk ball valves
Supply and return manifold mini temperature gauges
Vent/purge assembly on supply manifold
Flow meters (0-2gpm) on each circuit
Balancing valves on each circuit
White powder-coated steel enclosure with cover
$1.00 each