Red Italian Travertine - $3


Description: For sale various sized slabs of Italian travertine and features shades of reds, grays and creams. The surface of travertine is pitted with tiny, irregular holes and generally has ribbons or bands of color running through the tile. All of the slabs are raw and have no finish on them. The first picture is what the product looks like when polished. Perfect for residential or commercial use.
Quantity: The slabs are various dimensions and are approximate in square footage. Slabs range from 21.75 to 33.25 ft2 I will not cut any travertine, it is available as is. Total square footage of travertine is approximately 3,250. More detailed dimensions are as follows:

Quantity of Slabs: Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Inches) Approximate Square Footage
22 87 36 13/16 inches 21.75
24 90 40 13/16 inches 25
24 88 48 13/16 inches 29
14 86 50 13/16 inches 29.8
13 89 50 13/16 inches 30.9
20 126 38 13/16 inches 33.25
Total: 117 Total: 3250

Price: 3.00 per square foot
Location: New Albany, Ohio 43054. The nearest major city is Columbus.
Payment: Will be cash in person, PayPal, or check. I will need the funds to be deposited into my account before the product will be released.
Delivery: Buyer will be responsible for pickup. I will not arrange any shipping on the buyers’ behalf, you must handle this yourself.