Towel Warmers | Amba Towel Warmers - $160


Towel Warmers And Space Heaters For The Bathroom

Add style to your bathroom experience with this Italian line of bathroom towel warmers. Also provide an alternative source of heat in the bathroom!.

Towel Warmers Benefits:
* Prevents towels from developing a musty/moldy smell.
* Reducing power and water consumption.
* Reducing laundry loads.
* warms bathrooms in the winter.
* Environmentally friendly - Made from 304 Stainless Steel (NOT steel plated!).
* Controlled by a simple switch or a 24hr/7day programmable timer.
* Consume minimal power – some equivalent to one or two light bulbs.
* Use it in any room: bathrooms, laundry rooms, dorm rooms.
* Can also be used at pools, spas, saunas, yachts, mudrooms, basements and garages.

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