Rustic Antique Paver Bricks From Early 1900s - $1


Unique paver bricks for sale. from the same brickyards, shale pits and era as those in the famous Indy 500 Brickyard. These hefty antique pavers weigh ten pounds each and measure 9"x4"x3". They're close to 100 years old and are some of the first to be made with a more durable firing technique invented in the early 1900s. They can be laid with the ends, sides or tops up for a custom look. Make great wall accents, or garden and patio borders and stepping stones with their rustic character. They really look nice with a shiny sealer applied.

Water washed with no chemicals used. They've been dry laid and have no mortar on them. That can be hard to find now! Some corners are chipped because of their age, but there is at least 90% of each paver intact and at least one side decent enough to be laid where it is visible. Collectors and rehabbers favor the natural aged pavers over machine made modern clone bricks, and at this price you are getting a good deal for a better, more sturdy paver brick.

Shades range from blacks and browns to purplish and red colors. Authentic rehabbers love these. They go for much more in many urban areas. They aren't making any more of these. Grab a piece of history and some awesome conversation pieces to dress up your home. They go well with almost any materials. I have a 150 quantity and will sell these pavers for $2.50 each.
$1.00 each