70OFF GEOQUARTZ STONE VANITIES 50025"-61" wide - $1 obo


We are a company that specializes in distributing HanStone countertops, recycled glass countertops, Soapstone and Marble Countertops. We also carry a numerous amount of other household remodeling materials. From faucets to stainless steel sinks, "Totally Bamboo" 96x26" planks, we also have over 500 brand new out of the box prefabricated vanities in various sizes ranging from 25" to 61" wide and a 22" depth. These vanities are all ready to be installed with a faucet and a porcelain bowl. These Vanities are Brand name "Geo Quartz". They are a standard 2cm thick piece of solid stone. These vanities carry the same charatistics as granite without have to seal them every few months. The vanities are totally maintenance free and are tougher than than granite and less likely to scratch or gouge. We have 3 different colors to choose from. "Royal white" "Canyon (tan)" and "Pure Black. To research them and find out more you can go to Geoquartz.com. All vanities come with free of charge 1- 4" tall Sidesplash (extras 5$) 1- 4" tall Back splash, and hard ware to mount the porcelain Bowl. The vanities come polished on three sides (not back), they have the faucet holes pre drilled and the sink cut out and polished. On the bottom of the vanities there is 4 pre drilled screw holes for the hardware to mount from underneath. We do sell the porcelain bowls for 25$ each and you have a choice of "white" or "bone/bisque" color. ALL the vanities are SINGLE bowl centered (no doubles). If you have a size that is not mentioned below but is smaller than 61" wide we can cut and polish it to the size you desire for 40$ extra. If you're also interested in other products we have 6 planks of Totally Bamboo (butcher block) material that is very green and Eco-friendly. These are brand new in packaging raw material, that you can custom fabricate to your choosing with just a skill saw, drill, and sander to do your own countertops or bar. To learn more just go to Totallybamboo.com. We have 5 pieces of one color called "Flat Grain Dark with Multi Lam All Dark Core" in two different sizes (darker bamboo picture). We have 3 pieces that are 96"x25 1/2" and 2 pieces of the same color but sizes 72"x36". The other piece we have is called "Vertical Grain with Multi Lam Core" ( lighter color bamboo picture) the size of this only piece is 72"x36". The pictures of the small pieces are just finished samples. The price of the bamboo planks are 250$ each. That's the bottom dollar. 100$ below cost. The vanities are also priced at our bottom dollar as you can research and see we're only asking a third of what Lowes or another big box store will offer for the same exact color and size. Thanks for looking.

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29- Canyon 25" =85$ each

36- Canyon 31" =95$ each

44- Royal White 31" =95$ each

37- Canyon 37" =120$ each

42- Royal White 37" = 120$ each

18- Canyon 43" = 150$ each

18- Royal White 43" =150$ each

15- Royal White 46" =170$ each

49 - Canyon 49" =190$ each

119- Royal White 49" 190$ each

99- Black 49" = 190$ each

34- Canyon 61" = 215$ each

18- Royal White 61" =215$ each

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$1.00 each or best offer