Siberian Larch decking - $2.40


Siberian Larch is the most affordable naturally durable wood on the market,
it does offer the best value, especially in a long run
It is nearly a 100% heartwood (unlike Pine,Cedar, Redwood,Cypress) so there
is no needfor preservative treatment or priming/painting of all the sides of every
The tree in Siberia grows extremely slow, so it can be 4-5 hundred years old
before it is used for lumber.
One of every five trees on the Planet is Siberian Larch so it is highly
sustainable/"green" wood, recommended as an alternative to treated (biggest source of heavy metals
pollution in many parts of the World) and Rainforest lumber.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural
recources (IUCN) founded in 1948 awards Siberian Larch its best rating -
"least concern".
It is KD, a pleasure to work with and non corrosive to fasteners(new
chemicals are 3 to 5 times more corrosive then the old one) so any structure built with Siberian Larch
is safer.
Siberian Larch is stable, it is much denser, stronger and harder than
Pine/Cedar/Redwood/Cypress and it also has very high fire rating (2 times better then Oak).

1-1/2x6 S4S (net size 1.1" x 5-1/2")

Length 7'-10' - $3.00 per lf. Premium Grade (no knots, clear)
Length 7'-10' - $2.70 per lf. Grade A (very few knots)
Length 7'-10' - $2.40 per lf. Grade B ( few knots)
Length 19' - $2.60 per lf. Grade B (few knots)