Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Services - $160


Have you ever sat in your office and asked “why is the heat on so high?” or have you ever walked in to work and thought “Wow, it’s like a sauna in here!” Well, there could be a problem with your air conditioning pushing out cold air. There are many common issues that go along with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit: thermostat, circuit breakers, dehumidifier, fuse, etc.

We know it is extremely difficult to work in an extremely heated environment. We also know that when it comes to productivity, comfort level must be at a high in order for productivity to be high. With our help, we can avoid this situation from happening and help continue the workflow at work. Providing a 24 hour emergency phone line, we are able to provide service within minutes of request! So no matter the time or day, we are available.

All it takes is one phone call to fix a problem that could reach the whole office. Avoid this from happening, call us today! Call 310.530.0504.

California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc.