Soap Dish Holder And Soap Dispensers With Swarovski Crystals - $115


Soap Dish Holder And Soap Dispensers With Swarovski Crystals

Luxurious line of soap dish and dispensers made with inlay of authentic swarovski crystals and frosted glass (designed and manufactured in Spain).

* Table top soap dispenser with swarovski crystals
* Wall mounted soap dispenser with swarovski crystals.
* Counter top soap dish holder with swarovski crystal and frosted glass.
* Soap dish with polished chrome and swarovski crystals.

Very rich, upscale and elegant soap dishs and dispensers made with highly reflective brass polished chrome, frosted glass and Swarovski Crystals inlaid on the polished chrome diagonal line. Beautifully coordinated with other items from the Carmen collection for bath and spa accessories such as robe hooks, towel rails, toothpaste & toothbrush holders designed with authentic swarovski crystals.

Manufacturer/Brand: Carmen Collection by Manillons Torrent (Made in Spain).

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