Hampshire Easy Loader Outdoor Furnace - $0


New 3-ft. Shaker Grates Models - only $3995.00 while supply last! Save $1,500.00!

New 4-ft. Shaker Grate Models: $6,400.00
New 3-ft. Bar Grate Models: $3,300.00
Refurbished Models - $2,500.00

The Hampshire Easy Loader outdoor furnace is a safe, dependable and cost-effective way to heat a home, garage or utility building and reduce heating expenses. No fumes, no mess and no fire risk inside the home or structure.

Buy Local! Each Hampshire Furnace is made with care in Bedford County, PA by the skilled, certified, and professional craftsmen of Corle Building Systems, and features heavy-gauge welded steel construction with easy set-up and years of dependable operation.

- Versatile, multiple-zone heating capability.
- Easy set-up and connection to existing system, water heater, heat exchanger.
- Water-cooled firebox door reduces heat loss and improves efficiency
- Easy electrical hook-up (110V)
- Rust-resistant finish.

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