Stained Glass Art - $1,200


Stained Glass Windows Art

This is a work i call "Earth" as it depicts the most typical and the most characteristic entities unique to our planet - Flowers.

It is a pretty large piece of art. Framed in a very beautiful wooden frame (antique looking).

I have created this piece with the though of hanging it on the wall with back-lights illuminating the wonderful colors of this glass art. but it can also be placed on the floor leaning on the wall with a nice light in the back to illuminate the beautiful colors. It was made 5 years ago so the frame is a bit old looking but that adds to its ambiance. I am now ready to sell it for only1200$ local pickup only in Encino (its to heavy to ship).

Size: 47" a little less than 4ft high and 32" width (with frame).
It can be taken out of the frame and fitted into a window -
28.5"W by 43.5"H

I do custom design glass art for the home and office: windows, sky lights, cabinet doors and more.

Based in Los Angeles, Ca, i have been working with Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors, creating exquisite windows in various themes and sizes for homes, buildings, and Synagogues. Each window is custom handcrafted for my customers' requirements.

Please contact me to start customizing the perfect stained glass work that will bring a unique accent to your home or business for a lifetime to come.