GHOSTSHIELD Sila-Tek 3500 Deep Penetrating Concrete SealerDensifier - $84.95


Ghostshield Sila-Tek 3500: Industry Leading Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer + Densifier

Recommended for Sealing: Concrete driveways, and basements.
Color: Clear
VOC’s: None
Coverage per Gallon: Average 1000 square feet after reconstitution with water. Sila-Tek 3500 requires 2 coats.
Packaging: 1 gallon
Finish Characteristics: Does not change overall appearance of the substrate
Application Temperature: 45 degrees F – 95 degrees F
Cure Schedule: Allow material to dry for 24 hours to achieve maximum benefits
Primer: None required
Topcoat: None required. Can paint, seal or stain after using Sila-Tek 3500

- Resists the growth of mold and mildew and the spread of radon.
- Completely effective against high hydrostatic pressure.
- Completely effective against the spread of vapor transmission.
- Increases concrete’s compressive strength
- Increases concrete’s adhesion of paints, epoxies and surface sealers
- Efflorescence attacks are stopped.
- 2-4” of penetration is achieved.
- 1 gallon covers 1000 square feet.
- Seals hairline and shrinkage cracks
- Resists chemical attack
- Provides a range of protection from freeze/thaw cycles.
- Dries clear.
- Non-slip surface
- Easy to apply, labor-cost effective.
- Nontoxic, no VOC’s and no harmful fumes.
- Will never need to seal again.

- Do not use on extremely porous concrete such a hollow concrete block.
- Do not over apply! Excess material may result in a white residue or discoloration.
- Do not apply to a surface that has been previously treated or sealed.
- Do not use in areas where strong acid or alkali attack can be expected.
- Do not apply to frozen of freezing surfaces.
- Prevent from getting on glazed and finished surfaces such as glass, aluminum etc.
- Protect surfaces from equipment leaks or other leaks such as oil, hydraulic fluid etc.