PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Curb - $1


PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Curb
Ready to Tile Componets
Available 36" - 48” 96” and cut to order
1 feet $13.99 - 3 Feet $32.99 - 4 Feet $46.99
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PreFormed Curb components are simple, fast and easy to install. Whether your job calls for PVC pan liners or hot-tarred and leaded-in waterproof membranes, PreFormedâ„¢ Curb components are a perfect fit.
It is easy to achieve watertight and durable curbs as a worry free process with PreFormedâ„¢ Curbs.

Time savings equate to cost savings.

A professional finish can be achieved every time. Pre-slope is required under all shower pans.
PreFormed™ Curbs are manufactured to allow for this industry standard. Professional…..

Waterproof — never rots or degrades

Excellent for cut-to-fit site applications

Never rots or degrades

Time saving… Waterproof… Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR.

PreFormedâ„¢201 Curb (Standard Dimensions)

Available 36" - 48” 96” and cut to order
Interior Dimension :
Top 3 1/2"
Wall A - 4 1/4" Wall B -3 3/4"
Exterior Dimension :
Top 4 5/8"
Wall A - 4 3/4" Wall B - 4 3/8"
35 Years Warranty
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