Diesel Generator10KW w/ TrailerXfer Switch - $2,950 obo


Generator - Military Diesel 10Kw-60Hz with heavy trailer and output A/B transfer switch.
Perfect for running, pumps, equipment or house power - full time or "hot standby."
The MEP-003A is mil-spec machine and designed to be rugged and exceedingly reliable. It has an air cooled 22 HP Onan Diesel Engine made to run continuously for weeks on end. Included are 2 new 12V batteries, together providing 24V engine staring power.
Very Low Hours (94 hrs as of this writing) and in excellent condition, it has been recently reconditioned and is ready for service on a moment's notice.
This is a powerful, reliable, and durable motor-generator set, providing 120V, 240V single-phase, and 208V 3-phase power. It also has 2 convenient 110 volt receptacles on the front panel.
It is rated at a continuous 10KW at 6500 feet of elevation and a 14KW at up to 500 feet (equivalent to a 15KW commercial generator), for a "Hot and Basic" climatic condition range of -25 degrees F to 120 degrees F.
This generator set has full controls, instruments and accessories necessary for operation, a brushless generator, excitation system, speed governing system, fuel system, 24V starting system, control system and fault system.
Uncle Sam paid over $13,000 for the MEP-003A with trailer. Similar generators (less trailer, switch gear, and with high hours) are listed online in the $3,000 to $5,000 range.
$2,950 OBE, North San Diego County, 760 / 742-1859
$2,950.00 or best offer