There are two types of facial equipment with LED functions: those that specialize in LED and those that are combined with other functions. The specialized type tends to be particular about the number and quality of LEDs.


This is a multi-functional LED facial device with five functions in one unit: ultrasonic esthetics, ion induction, vibration massage, and LED photo. The LED light is available in red, blue and green.

Bi-rule Hikari Mini

The third product in the BILULU HIKARI PLUS line is a miniature handheld facial cleanser. It comes with four color cartridges (red, yellow, blue, and purple to promote lymphatic flow) and 40 large LEDs (5 mm in diameter), and you can change the color LED cartridges to suit your needs. It can be used simultaneously with vibration massage for body care.

Miss Arrivo Beauty Facial Machine

Miss Arrivo is a facial device jointly developed by THE CLINIC, a beauty clinic located in Tokyo, Osaka and other areas, and ARTISTIC&Co. The LED light comes in three types: red, green and blue.

YA-MAN RF Facial Machine

YA-MAN boasts the top share in the facial equipment category. It is equipped with RF (radiofrequency), ion induction, EMS, microcurrent, LED photo, and cooling, all of which are popular in aesthetic treatments.

Hot and Cold Beauty deivce by L&L Skin

L&L Skin, whose many products have won top rankings, has been featured in magazines and on TV. The LED light comes in red, blue, and purple (with red and blue lights at the same time), and it also has a 40-45°C heating function that opens the pores, allowing the beauty ingredients and LED light to penetrate deep into the skin, thereby treating pores and preventing acne. The pouch size allows you to use it anytime and anywhere, and the price is attractive.


LED lighting comes to mind when I hear, but it has been incorporated into many facial equipment, regardless of salon use and home use, because it has various effects on beauty. Let's use it for aging care and acne care.