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Cause and Effect Essay Outline on Teenage Smoking


Cause and effect essay is a type of essay that is most commonly used by teachers to know how much logical reasoning a student can build. It is one of the academic exercises that is purely analytical and it is the reason that many students fail to attempt it in the required way. It is evident that essay writing cannot be completed without having a proper outline, as it performs the role of infrastructure. In order to write a comprehensive compare and contrast essay, it is significant to write a precise outline. Now, the tough job is to create a cause and effect essay outline or write my essay for me on it. In order to help you with an outline, I am going to help you write an outline of teenage smoking.


 In this section, you are required to introduce the stance of teenage smoking. Where you have to introduce the audience to the trend of smoking and how it is impacting the teenagers. Here, you can write that 62% of the teenagers are indulged in smoking and it is a huge threat to the global paradigm. After adding such related details, you have to write a thesis statement. One such example of this essay can be, “It can also be asserted that teenage smoking is one of the prime causes of social imbalance and it can have a long-lasting impact on the social and moral well being of teenagers”.


         In this section, you have to discuss the basic topic. Adhering to the three paragraphs format, you can generate three paragraphs each depicting a cause and effect. One such instance could be, one of the major causes of teenage smoking can be depression and social imbalance that teenagers face while living in a society. Students fail to confront the depression and the social imbalance and in order to escape from the disastrous thoughts, they try to smoke. As a result, teenagers are becoming more habitual towards drugs and other substances that can become one of the major causes of addiction.

         In the next paragraphs, you can write about another cause and effect. It can be quoted this way, teenage smoke is becoming one of the fashion trends. It is highlighted that a lot of students tend to smoke just because they think it is some sort of fashion and it is a trend. As a result of fashion fall, teenagers are becoming addicted to smoking and it is one of the major reasons that a lot of teenagers are becoming victims of lung cancer.

         In the third paragraph, the essay writing service can write about adaptation trends. Teenagers smoke because they see others doing so, many of the students smoke because they see their family members smoking. As a result of this act, smoking has become one of the major trends, towards which children are pushed and even the family members don’t mind it. As a result, smoking is encouraged in different ways and it has become an identity rather than a bad habit.


         In the end, you are required to come up with a conclusion. Considering the topic, you can quote that teenage smoking has multiple causes and impacts. These causes range from social adoptions to the peer pressure that can lead to the lineage of smoking addiction, in the same way, smoking can impact the health and social constructions simultaneously of essay writer.

Following this pattern, you can write a cause and effect outline. It is more added that the outline should be written in bullet points, it will not only add to clarity but it is one of the ways that can help your evaluator know the main points. 


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