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How NOT to write a college application essay.

Start by stating your main motivation.
It seems like good advice to write about why you want to study this particular subject. But the problem is that your motivation is often too general, which in the end does not make much sense and is a cliché.
Conclusion — use personal examples to make your motivation unique.

Express an unorthodox point of view.
Universities, of course, love extraordinary thinkers, but do not forget that the main stream of future students have just graduated from school and the admissions committee does not expect ultrarevolutionary statements and ideas.
Conclusion — be careful with the expression of peculiar thoughts, because the admissions committee may not understand and do not appreciate your "uncommon". A deep personal interest in the subject with a clear demonstration of your desire to learn is, in most cases, enough to impress the teacher.

Keep it simple and personal.
Perhaps, your teacher will advise you to stay away from detailing the terminology of a particular subject. But university professors argue that if you show technical knowledge of the subject coupled with your own interpretation and analysis of your personal experience, such an essay paragraph will add to your chances of application approval.

Be wary of using an abstract theory or opinion.
Often teachers criticize the availability of theory in a subject and welcome the demonstration of one's own analysis of that theory, which would seem to be a justified criticism. Of course, in subjects such as psychoanalysis, literature, philosophy, and many others, it is very important to express your opinion and reasoning. But only if you base your opinion on works and research that have already been done than on your own unsubstantiated reflections.

Now, you understand what you should not do. And following video will help to understand what you need to write a perfect college application essay.

And remember, you will succeed! You just need to find a proper information as useful tips how to write a college application essay , to prepare your base and write your paper.