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Black Dog Salvage was created in 1999 to provide a home for Southwestern Virginia’s architectural past. The brainchild of entrepreneurs Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp and inspired by Molly, Black Dog’s namesake, the company found its beginnings with the salvage of some of Roanoke Virginia’s most notable architectural details at 21 Highland Ave. Since that time, Black Dog has become the temporary resting place for architectural antiques, commercial salvage, and modern society’s other cast offs. Molly lived a full life of 13.5 years. She had plenty of time to train our newest salvager, Sally the Salvage Dog, who is always eager to assist customers while they journey 40,000 square feet of treasures. Dealers, home renovators, sentimentalists, and the generally curious are encouraged to visit our warehouse at 902 13th Street SW in Roanoke

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Black Dog Salvage
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