How to win at Baccarat Live
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As we said above, the goal is to have 9 or as close to 9 as possible to win. But there are some special rules that you should be aware of. If in the first two cards dealt and one of the banker or the player has 8 or 9, then he automatically wins (Natural Win) and the bets are paid immediately.

Baccarat Bets

In live baccarat there are three bets available as mentioned above, the banker win, the player win and the draw. Let's see how these bets pay in detail in baccarat.

Bet on the player (punto) pays 1: 1
A banker (banco) bet pays 1: 1, but with a 5% commission at the live casino (ie 19:20)
The draw pays 1: 8 at most live casinos, but in rare cases pays 9: 1.
* It should be noted that the banker wins more times, for this there is a 5% commission in the live casino.