Galen of the Great Sword and Nock of the Guillotine are good at everything. The only thing is that they only have ten minutes to play every day. The time is too short to see. Every time the dragon flies, they try their best to attract monsters, then wait for the cooldown time, and then let them slaughter crazily. Even so, an Infinity Blade is very difficult. Because. What an Infinity Blade needs is not 3,800 yuan, but 380,000 yuan! Long Fei looked at the price of the endless blade, he had a kind of impulse to scold his mother, too bullying. I only get a few thousand yuan a day, but you need three hundred and eighty thousand yuan for an endless blade. Long Fei's heart is bitter, but there is no way, his six endless blades must be made. Of course. Infinity Blade is expensive for a reason. Endless in the game is only dozens of points of attack, but the endless inside is directly thousands of points of attack, and plus 500 crit, see this attribute Longfei more firmly their endless blade legion. Be sure to turn Demar and Nock into a Berserker! "Kill!" "Kill!" "I killed desperately." Long Fei was not idle for a moment, killing all this crazily. The legion of Yin soldiers attacked! "Don't kill them,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, just maim them all." Long Fei seizes every opportunity to earn gold coins and lets Dema and Nock go all out to harvest and maximize the money. For four months. Long Fei broke through from the second grade of Jinxian to the fourth grade of Jinxian. A promotion in two months. He now needs a long string of zero experience to upgrade, counting several times Longfei did not count clearly, since he entered the realm of Jinxian, upgrading has become too difficult. Open the hero shop! Long Fei's face was black, his eyes were golden, and the corners of his mouth were hooked, showing an evil and incomparable smile,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, "Hey." Enough gold coins at last! "Nock! Galen!" "I'll let you fly today!" —— Chapter 5, thank you for your support! Reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Chapter 976 three years! Chapter 976 three years! "Ding!" "Yes No?" The system sounds a tone. Long Fei said firmly: "!" Nock out of endless may not be the strongest choice, but for Longfei, he is to brainless crit, brainless crazy, what reasonable equipment collocation, it is empty, he is to build six endless blades! "Ding!" "Success!" At the same time, Nock's body is equipped with an endless blade. Properties also change. Item: Infinity Blade Attack: 6500 Crit: 500 Passive: Critical damage that can be triggered. Ha ha ha Long Fei looked at the attributes of the endless blade and was very excited. At the same time, he looked at Galen and said, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, "Now it's your turn to be endless." Half a minute later, Galen was equipped with an Infinity Blade. Two gods, two endless blades, all this is just the beginning! Long Fei said, "Now kill me crazily." Galen picked up the big sword and rushed into the monster group, the whirlwind swept, the sword with lightning, a crit damage Biao flying, this is endless, the damage has doubled, especially the crit. 100% crit damage! This is the really awesome place. Long Fei looked at the things in the shop and murmured, "If only I could equip these artifacts." It can't! This is a hero's shop. He can only use it for control, but he has no right to use it. Continue "The day of Lao Tzu's return will be the day of Taizun's death!" "Wash your ass and wait for me!" "I will destroy you!" …… Long Fei is hunting crazily, with Galen or without them, Long Fei has never stopped, and his practice is constantly improving, Taizun is too strong, he lost once, will never lose again! Never lose again! …… The outside world. Long Fei disappeared, and the Eighteen Martial Arts Academies suffered heavy losses. This is a great news for the Western Demon Land. And. Demon ancestor also seizes this opportunity, starts to launch the attack, attacks the immortal domain comprehensively.
Even if the God emperor Academy has the temple of immortals elders in town, but they are unable to resist the army of the demon domain, not to mention the death of the first butcher is a heavy blow to their hearts, how to resist without the butcher? Hall of Immortals. In the hall. Lord Taizun, in a short period of four months, the army of the Demon Domain has advanced 600,000 kilometers to the Immortal Domain. In less than a year, the Immortal Domain will be occupied by the Demon Domain. Said an elder of the temple of immortals. It's all that damn dragon flying. If it wasn't for him, how could the Shendi Academy be like this? How dare the Western Demon Zu invade? "He caused all this." An elder said fiercely. Lord Taizun, now the Shendi Academy has no fighting capacity at all, and. And An elder hesitated and did not go on. "And what?" Said Taizun lightly. The elder said, "And the Shendi Academy has been dropping out of school. There are also some criticisms circulating in the Academy. It is said that the Temple of Immortals is not qualified to be in charge of the affairs of the Shendi Academy. Long Fei should not be beaten up. He should be the leader of the Shindi Academy." "Unbridled!" Tai Zun was angry and snorted coldly, "Even if the Shendi Academy is destroyed, it will not fall into the hands of Long Fei." It is absolutely impossible for him to hand over the Shendi Academy. He has to hold it firmly in his hands. Because. Tianwai Palace is in the sky of Shendi Academy, and. There is a special continuity between Tianwai Palace and Shendi Mountain, which is why he has always wanted to control the purpose of Shendi Academy. The whole hall suddenly quieted down. A long time. Taizun said slightly: "Demon domain invasion, we do not need to fight hard, shrink the defense line, the right to defend the city of God,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and give me a wide range of wise men, the strong, as long as all forces can resist this catastrophe." "You all go." "As you wish!" ……。