Of course I didn't kill her. Why did I kill her? She used to be my girlfriend. Wasn't Jiang Xiaoqing killed by a head-knocking ghost? Didn't you have a press conference? "I don't know Kong Lili. I haven't heard of this man. I don't know him." "On the night of August 15, I don't remember where I was. Maybe I was at home. You can ask my parents." Qiu Le all words, are reasonable, even if he and Jiang Xiaoqing know, even if he was the so-called fiance, the hands of the criminal police, now there is no physical evidence, can prove that Qiu Le and Jiang Xiaoqing's death has any relationship. Of course, this situation was also expected by Gu Nan. While interrogating Qiu Le, other people, including comrades from the appraisal center, also began a comprehensive search of Qiu Le's car, house, and office under the leadership of Director Xiu. At the same time, Gu Nan has felt unprecedented pressure. That night, Captain Cao called Gu Nan to his office. Captain Cao hesitated for a long time and asked, "Ah Nan, are you really sure?"? I just got a call from someone in town, and if.. Oh, forget it, you just pretend I didn't say it, you do a good job,tin beneficiation plant, but be careful, be careful. Gu Nan wanted to laugh, but did not laugh. Chapter 30 things in the ear. Updated March 14, 2011 1:28:48 Words: 2451 No trace was found in Qiu Le's BMW X5, no trace was found in the black Lexus car used at work, no trace was found at the new house in Chengtian, no trace in the high-rise apartment where he lives now, and no trace in the publishing house in the city center. Three days have passed,Portable gold trommel, and the atmosphere is getting more and more tense day by day. Today, everyone in the second group feels as if they are in the Tibetan Plateau, with poor breathing, palpitation and chest tightness. When people in other groups pass by their offices, they will take a meaningful look inside. The door of Secretary Wu's office opens again, and from time to time there are a few of his unique, drawling laughter. "What did Captain Cao say, Group Leader?" Lao Zhao asked anxiously. Gu Nan shook his head. He had just gone to Captain Cao to discuss with him the matter of applying for a search of Qiu's home and car. Captain Cao sighed and looked at Gu Nan and said, "Ah Nan, I know you are trying to solve the case. I also know that under such circumstances, you have your own good reasons for asking to search Qiu's home. However, have you ever thought about the consequences of doing so? What is the possibility that you can find clues?"? What should I do if I can't find it? Arrest Qiu Le, our evidence is still sufficient, but now to expand the target of suspicion to Qiu editor, do you know what this means? Do you have enough reasons? Can you handle the ripple effect? Nan, portable gold wash plant ,coltan ore processing, be careful. We have to be careful. You don't have to go to Director Jiao. I've already communicated with him about this idea. It's not suitable to take this step for the time being. You go back. In fact, this result was expected by Gu Nan. Let's not talk about the relationship between Qiu and the entire public security system. Let's talk about his wife Wang Meiyun, who is a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. To put it bluntly, even if there is conclusive evidence, it is likely to encounter some resistance, let alone now. The office was very quiet, and no one knew what to say, except for the sound of Lao Zhao's lighter hitting the desk. Is it possible that Qiu Le is telling the truth? These two girls were also killed by head-knocking ghosts. Everything is a coincidence? Xiaoding muttered in a low voice, no one answered him, but everyone knew in their hearts that it was not Xiaoding who wavered, but now, even if they wanted to turn back, it was difficult, not to mention Wang Li, even some people in a group were probably waiting to see their jokes. Shanghai? Qiu Le went to Shanghai on August 18. Do you think there will be any problem with this, just in the middle of the time when the two girls were killed? It was Lu who spoke, and her words were only half spoken, because she suddenly found that everyone was staring at herself in surprise.
Since the morning, Lu has been sitting in front of his computer, repeatedly searching for all the information clues. What's the matter? Didn't you hear me? Do you think it's necessary for us to ask Qiu Le about his whereabouts in Shanghai? Still no one paid any attention to her, only Chao Po-tao smiled at her reluctantly. Gu Nan, suddenly stood up from his seat, walked to Lu's side, bent over her computer, and asked, "Do you think he went to Shanghai and had anything to do with our case?" "Well.." Is it possible that he went to other places to destroy something, for example, the tools of the crime. Gu Nan frowned and thought very seriously. Everyone else in the office is watching them both. With a squeak, the door of the second group of offices was suddenly pushed open, and Lin Qingxue came in half of her body. Gu Nan saw that it was her and ran out. In Lin Qingxue's office, two people sat face to face. What's the matter? Gu Nan asked "Nan, do you really want to keep on this case of the head-knocking ghost?" Director Lin frowned slightly and asked in a somewhat anxious tone. Gu Nan's eyebrows twisted up, wanted to say something, and held back, half ring, then softly said, "What's wrong, Qingxue sister, did you hear anything?" "No, Nan, the Bureau will soon decide about the lieutenant, you." Seeing the disgust in Gu Nan's eyes, Director Lin stopped the conversation and said softly, "I'm sorry, Nan, I'm just a little worried.." "Qingxue elder sister, you don't always worry about me, I know,magnetic separator machine," Gu Nan also hurriedly spoke to comfort. " Don't be an elder sister. Am I more than one year older than you? Why do you always pretend to be young? "Lin Qingxue slanted her charming Danfeng eyes and stared at Gu Nan with a half-smile." Ha ha, call used to it, "Gu Nan also laughed.". Director Lin was about to reach out and look at Gu Nan's wound when Gu Nan's cell phone rang. ore-magnetic-mining.com