Now as long as you are not mentally retarded or blind, everyone can see that the Holy Land is given by the alliance of heaven and earth, or by iron and blood. I made a calculation, but I couldn't do it. After such a thing, how can the people of the Holy Land have the nerve to stay? "The leader of the Iron-blooded Alliance is really a good means." Easy amorous feelings lukewarm praise iron blood one, the face does not see any joy and anger. Tiexue was not angry either. "All right," he said with a straight face! I admit that I arranged it. But so what? What big Righteous words I will not say, I just want to ask, like Bu Yuntian such a person, should not be killed? Those owe Should I pay back my life? Should you be scolded for shielding your own people in the Holy Land? This matter is born in Jianghu, Tiemou Should I take care of it? Four questions in a row really point out the essence of the matter. Yi Fengqing did not evade, directly replied: "Bu Yuntian, should kill: owe people life, should return: Holy Land is not?" Gong, it's time to scold: Tiexue is the leader of Jianghu Alliance, and he should be in charge. "Elder Martial Brother, you one." Gu Lingfeng and others were stunned on the spot, and they did not think that Yi Fengqing would answer like this, isn't this his own hand? His own face. Ha ha ha Iron-blooded heroic smile, not stingy voice of appreciation: "Well said!"! That's a good point. ! Brother Yi is really wonderful. People are more knowledgeable than those ordinary people. Had it not been for the different positions, Tiemou would have made friends with you. "The fact is like this," said Yi indifferently. "If Yi quibbles, it just makes people look down upon him." "It's a pity that there are fewer and fewer people who know how to be Frank now,Warehouse storage racks," he said with an iron-blooded smile. Get the magnanimity of brother Yi. "The leader of the Iron-blooded Alliance is outspoken, and he must be a Frank man." Hearing the irony in Yi Fengqing's words, Tiexue smiled again: "Oh, brother Yi thinks too highly of Tiemou, Wulin." The position of leader of the alliance is not easy to do! Sometimes Those who should confess will confess; and sometimes those who should not confess will confess. But you can't confess. "In that case, Yimou is much luckier than the leader of the Iron-blooded Alliance." "Everyone has his own way, not to mention who is lucky and who is unlucky." "Is this the main path of the Iron and Blood Alliance?" "Not bad." Two people's calm tone, like two friends who have not seen for many years,Steel racking system, without any waves. Everyone looked at each other, and the atmosphere was a little strange. In the end, the people of the Holy Land left, with the body of Bu Yuntian, such a scene is natural. Some people are happy and others are sad. As the host of this martial arts meeting, Tiexue stayed in the center of the high platform. The martial arts meeting is finally about to begin. I wonder what Tiexue wants to do this time. "Who knows, he showed us a big show as soon as he came, and the people of the Holy Land were driven away." "He must be trying to give us a blow." "Xiama Wei?"? This is really powerful. The disciples of the Holy Land died here and suffered a dark loss. How can the people of the Holy Land Will you give up? Maybe we'll do it directly. When the time comes, we'll suffer. "Alas!"! Iron-blooded is too cruel. I just don't know how he will deal with those heavenly masters on the stage. "So many masters of the way of heaven, can iron and blood hold down?" "Look, there must be a dispute over the iron blood, otherwise this martial arts conference will not be held.". Besides, it's off. At the time of the key, Li Yuefan will definitely help. "That's true." "Hey, hey!"! The pomp and circumstance of the leader of the Iron-blooded Alliance is really big. Only now is he willing to come out. "Leader of the Iron-blooded Alliance, everyone is almost here. Can the Wulin Conference begin?" "Yes!"! We've been waiting for a long time. 。” "If the leader of the Iron-blooded Alliance has anything to say, Pallet rack upright ,Narrow aisle rack, we are not here to see the play." "Let's go, let's go!" There was a lot of noise under the stage, and Tiexue could hear it clearly. He smiled nonchalantly and said, "There's more." Don't be impatient until the guests arrive. With that, Tiexue looked up at the distant sky. Friends in the distance, now that you have seen enough excitement, please come and get together! Iron-blooded light voice into the ears, let people listen to a mind after a swing. However, in the crowd this stupefied kung fu, the distant sky flew to a few figures.
Amitabha! The old sodium smells empty I've met you all. The sound of Sanskrit was sung, and an old monk with white eyebrows came in the air, with a red split outfit stirring with the wind. What a pair of Taoist bone immortals! Wind! "Wuliang Tianzun!"! Poor way too night I have seen all of you. When the trumpet sounded, Tai Xiao fell slowly from the sky, white clothes fluttering, white beard, whisk in hand, carrying on his back. Excalibur, just like the immortal. After that, Diao Ming, the scholar of Yin and Yang, Jiu Xuan, the fairy of Shuirou, and Tuo Mobei, the old man, fell onto the high platform one after another. Each of them has an extraordinary momentum, showing the demeanor of an outsider. Diao Ming holds a yin-yang fan in his hand, dressed in black and white, with a modest expression. Nine Xuan dressed in green clothes, refreshing and natural, exquisite and charming, but the expression is too cold and handsome. Mo Bei wore a straw hat on his head, hunched on his back, leaning on crutches in one hand, playing with Tsunazu in the other, and looked around with a smile. People. Chapter 138 of the thirteenth volume of the struggle for the way of heaven is the world's common martial arts (9). Ha-ha! It's the Monk Kongwen and the Taoist Priest Taixiao. "Too strong!"! Of the top ten masters of the right path, six have been promoted to the way of heaven. Idiot! He was a master of heaven as early as ten years ago, okay? Now I know that there is no common sense. "Where is it?"! I forgot about that. "Good!"! Very nice! Now let's see if those underworld people dare to be arrogant in front of us. "Yes, yes, we must take good care of the underworld this time." The arrival of five people on the other side of the road was exciting, and many people stretched out their hands to make a gesture. In the eyes of ordinary Jianghu people, Tiandao monks are masters of Tiandao. Basically, there is no distinction between high and low. The only difference is that there are more people and fewer people. So, seriously count up, the underworld side plus later Jiang Xiaofeng and Wang Chong, a total of only six people, and the right path side plus the first to Kou Fei and Fu Shuai couple, but there are as many as eight people, compared to There are two more people in the underworld, which is an overwhelming victory. Of course, there is a premise here,Cantilever Storage rack, that is, Li Yuefan and others do not come to participate, otherwise it is uncertain what kind of chaos will be. Son.