The world counts on you to open up new possibilities and discover what we humans can do.The only time when music or space have boundaries is when humans create them.Thank you for keeping the possibilities alive.Not long after, I received a communication from the project manager.The students communicated in a way that those of us who work here have never been able to express.As you know, each person asked for a copy of the letters and was overwhelmed by the power of the message and the talent of your students.Our people were so moved that they decided to write letters to your class.Please let your students know that when we showed the letters to one of our Space Station senior managers, the decision was made to include them on future space missions.Your students’ words will continue to inspire our explorers, especially during the long and isolated times when they will face their greatest challenges in space.Their words and aspirations are now circling the earth on the International Space Station.Often we hear about the high cost of space flight but not very often the positive aspects.The way that you pointed out the positive aspects brought a tear to the eyes of many of us.Thank you for reminding me of what I am here for.I will have to remember I am here today to cross the swamp, not to fight all the alligators. Thanks.Thank you for your beautiful and eloquent words of encouragement on space exploration.They so poetically remind us of our grander purpose.Coming from you, explorers of sounds and keepers of the future, they are particularly meaningful.Each of us, in our own way, works to evoke a greater depth of understanding of our past, present and future.May your sounds reach the stars.It trains us to be alert to a new danger that threatens modern life—the danger that unseen definitions, assumptions, and frameworks may be covertly chaining us to the downward spiral and shaping the conditions we want to change.But look what magical powers we have!We can make a conscious use of our way with words to define new frameworks for possibility that bring out the part of us that is most contributory, most unencumbered, most open to participation.And why not say that is who we really are?Here is an example of a leader, framing possibility, offering a new way for us to define ourselves.Nelson Mandela is reported to have addressed these words of Marianne Williamson’s to the world at large.Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,

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