First off, what is “repurposing”? It is taking a byproduct or waste stream such as a retired street sweeper brush and giving it a 2nd life as a backscratcher for horses or cattle. It is taking a decommissioned fire hose and giving it an extended life as a boat dock fender. It is taking an obsolete ski lift cable and giving it a second life as hand railing in a luxury condo building.

As America’s largest “industrial thrift store”, our entire inventory is made up of used/surplus/salvage products and materials.

With yards in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Philadelphia, we have interest in opportunities all across the United States! We look forward to being a resource on any byproducts, waste, inventories, or equipment that would be a candidate for “repurposing”! Maybe items that have been depreciated out, over orders on a job, inventory from a project that got cancelled, etc.

To date, our company has helped a number of organizations through “repurposing”: US Army, Denver Broncos, City of Chicago, Nestles, BNSF Railroad, Oklahoma State University, Purina, US National Forest Service, Campbells Soup, State of Wyoming, Paramount Pictures, and many, many more!