The Green Project


The Green Project is a nonprofit building supply retail store dedicated to creatively promoting and encouraging environmental sustainability in New Orleans. We resell used building materials to keep them out of the landfills and to provide an affordable building alternative for everybody. We operate a warehouse, lumberyard, paint recycling center, electronic waste recycling drop-offs, and environmental education programing. As a hands-on environmental organization, we promote creative reuse in our daily lives and throughout our communities.

The Green Project is always looking for donations to support our operations. The Green Project accepts quality building materials of all types, including unspoiled paint. Please visit our website for a complete list of accepted materials. Donations can be brought to our store everyday (9am to 5pm) or we can come pick it up for a $30 fee.

The Green Project
2831 Marais Street
New Orleans, LA 70117
[email protected]


New Orleans, LA 70112