Global One Forest Products



GlobalOne Forest Products was formed in 1998 as a joint-venture between an international lumber manufacturer and a Chicago, IL based lumber distributor that would represent the interests of the mill and various lumber suppliers. Since then we have aggressively grown our sales and currently have 3 divisions that sell moulding & millwork products, doors, along with hardwood flooring.

GlobalOne Forest Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wood products to customers which include wholesale distributors, retailers, contractors, as well as the general public.

Our mission is to enable our customers to consistently purchase our materials with the utmost confidence in quality, workmanship, and price. We create long-term value and relationships with our partners by selling high-quality lumber products, at the most competitive price available, all with personalized service.


Moulding and Millorwork

Whether building a new home, remodeling or just adding a few simple touches, you can transform any room into a signature statement with interior mouldings from GlobalOne Forest Products. We manufacture, distribute, and stock a range of moulding styles including various base, crown, and casing profiles. We also manufacture and stock an assortment of specialty millwork products. All mouldings come in a choice of solid stain grade, finger-joint paint grade, or primed pine or poplar. No matter what the project, our interior mouldings can be used to create a distinctive and unique setting in every room of your home. Whether highlighting the edges of a room, or softening two interior surfaces, our quality mouldings will add custom decorator touches to any room.


GlobalOne Forest Products is a commodity door producer. We produce top quality wood doors in our overseas plants at the most competitive prices in the world. These doors are sold to national distributors such as Home Depot & Lowe’s and smaller local specialty door businesses in the Chicago area and around the United States. We produce and import a wide range of doors including Solid-Core Stain Grade Panel doors, French doors, Louvers, and Bifolds. We also have a line of primed doors in similar styles.

Hardwood Floors

Our hardwood flooring division utilizes our international manufacturing expertise with our ability to obtain top quality woods, to produce some of the most beautiful and competitively priced hardwood floors available in today’s market. Our flooring products are manufactured using the latest techniques and processes. We produce flooring in various wood species including White Oak, Red Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Maple, and Mahogany. We manufacture prefinished flooring in various stains, as well as unfinished flooring in which the end-user can choose their own stain and finish onsite.


We offer lucrative distribution opportunities for individuals looking to set up franchises in the United States. Our Chicago office obtains products directly from our overseas manufacturing partners and any franchise will immediately have a competitive edge in their region. The mouldings, hardwood floors, and doors we produce comply with all international regulations and U.S. market specifications and exceed the quality standards that are commonly accepted in today’s marketplace; all at a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in our distribution program please contact us through our e-mail form or by calling our corporate Chicago office.


Chicago, IL 60290